Gene Name death-associated protein kinase 1
Gene Ontology Annotations Cellular Component
Molecular Function
Biological Process
  • Immune reponse to smallpox (secreted IFN-alpha) ( 22610502)
  • Response to gemcitabine in pancreatic cancer ( 22293537)
Protein-protein Interactions 16 interactors: CALM1 FADD IKBKG LNX1 MAPK1 MAPK3 MDM2 MIB1 MYL12B STX1A TNFRSF1A TRADD UNC5A UNC5B UNC5C YWHAB
Entrez ID 1612
HPRD ID 02902
Ensembl ID ENSG00000196730
Uniprot IDs P53355 Q59H88
PDB IDs 1IG1 1JKK 1JKL 1JKS 1JKT 1P4F 1WVW 1WVX 1WVY 1YR5 2W4J 2W4K 2X0G 2XUU 2XZS 2Y0A 2Y4P 2Y4V 2YAK 3DFC 3DGK 3EH9 3EHA 3F5G 3F5U 3GU4 3GU5 3GU6 3GU7 3GU8 3GUB 3ZXT 4B4L
Enriched GO Terms of Interacting Partners?
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