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Step 1 - Select an ID type

When you provide genes/proteins to LENS, they all must have the same type of ID.
You can choose between official gene symbols, Entrez IDs, or UniProt IDs.

Step 2 - Candidate Genes

Here, you provide the primary list of genes to analyze. You'll be able to see the local interactors of these genes and how they connect to other genes in the list.

You can provide a list of genes that interest you, one per line, in the first box. Or you can type in the name of a disease, drug, pathway, or trait in the box on the right to get a list of genes associated.

Step 3 - Target Genes (Optional)

You may optionally provide a second list of genes.

LENS won't include local interactors of these genes, but will try to find paths between your first list of genes and your second list.

Step 4 - Submit your job

When you're done, click the "Submit" button.