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Custom tile printings often called “digital wall and floor tile” have set a new-fangled trend in the world of wall décor. Wall tiles these days aren’t simply being used in kitchens and bathrooms, but they are now being readily used on walls in living areas and façades too.

These tiles are not only a fashion statement for the walls but they are long-lasting too, increasing the life span of homes altogether. With such trend ongoing in the industry, it is no wonder that the availability of various colours, patterns, designs, sizes and shapes of wall tiles has increased over the recent times.

Basics about digital printing on tiles

Digital manipulation and printing techniques of photography and also art has spread its wings towards the home furnishing sector. Ceramic inks and dye sublimation printers which are mainly used in graphic art work are used in wall tiles printing, so it reproduces photographic, high-resolution images on tiles.

Firstly, images are edited and made print-friendly by using image editing software like Photoshop and then these images are put under high temperature kilns under high pressures to get the same images on the surface of the tiles. These tiles are then ready to be put on your walls.

Digital tiles for a complete theme

This really is one of the most popular methods of producing custom digital printing tiles for kitchens and shower areas; moreover, it's gained popular in commercial decoration such as hotels, corporate lobbies and restaurants. Digital tiles give a finishing touch to the interiors’ theme, for instance if you are aiming for a vintage, old-world look than you can have a vintage car or vintage objects printed. If you are aiming for renaissance look, then the painting of Monalisa or some other renaissance painting on the tiles, will complete the picture to the T.|One of the most popular stuff that one can do on digital tiles is the idea of customization. You are able to customize and also print required images around the tiles to make the room décor look like a uniform theme. This kind of thematic customization is highly popular in commercial decoration for hotels, corporate offices and restaurants, etc. With digital tiles, you can match the wall tiles with the theme of the entire premise or interiors, adding glam and a uniform feel to the ambience. For instance, if your décor is themed on vintage concept, you can have vintage cars printed on your wall tiles to give an old look. Same goes with other themes like Monalisa theme or Renaissance era theme and so forth.|Nowadays, the demand for theme-based tiles has increased and also commercial decoration needs have risen particularly in hotels, restaurants, bars, lobbies, corporate houses, etc. Digital tiles might have uniform images printed that can resemble the theme of the interiors. For example if you're having a restaurant themed on the early vintage times, you can have vintage cars and buildings printed on your wall tiles to add to the entire ambience of the restaurant. Similarly, you can go for other themes like Monalisa, Renaissance era, sports, etc.

Preferences and Digitalization of Tiles

With the use of digital transfer printing technology, you'll have just about anything on the wall tiles of your home, office, restaurant, or any given premise. You can select any size, colour or any shape of tiles and get high resolution image printing on it to give it a wonderful look. You can get your son’s picture on it with a sports bike or a teddy bear on your daughter’s room wall or a spiritual image on your yoga room wall. Everything and anything can be done and with that, it's so easy to get your wall transform into a piece of art.

Digital Tiles: The Types

There are a number of types of digital tiles and among them; the natural marble and wooden tiles are the most popular ones. Digital tiles with metallic patterns and textures printed in silver, bronze, copper and gold are best suited for glazy appearance while wooden and stone finished ceramic tiles are also quite sought after. To give your home interiors a realistic look and feel, digital wall tiles with sparkling textures and effects are the best.

Digital Ceramic types of floor tile are manufactured in a wide range of shapes like square, uneven shapes, hexagonal, circular, octagonal, waves, rectangular, pentagonal and many more. Nano-polishing is a new technique which is quite in fashion these days. It is a new version of ceramic tiles digitalization. Nano-polishing makes walls resistant to water and dust as special nano particles are attached to a silicon matrix to make an invisible layer over the ceramic tiles. Digital tiles thus are the best option for those who wish to put in an extra style to their homes.

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